Pride Girls Soccer Board of Advisors


Pride Board President

Mrs. Irene "Harim" Cha


Our Board of Advisors is lead by Pride Advisory Board Member, Mrs. “Irene” Harim Cha, the “Leader of the P.A.C.” (Parent Action Committee).   Irene is the parent of long time Pride member, Joanna.

 You can count on Irene to:

  • keep parents connected to and spreading the word about Pride Girls Soccer

  • use “Parent Power” to do special events, like End of Season Awards Dinners

  • coordinate parent-powered road trips to take our girls to see high school, college and professional soccer games

Learn more about Irene and the Parent Action Committee by clicking here.

Government Relations Director

Mr. Dong-yeop Paik


Mr. Dong-yeop Paik is a a graduate of the prestigious Yonsei University, South Korea and over the last 30 years built a career in business finance and a reputation as trustworthy business man, humble despite his talents, and long record of success. He has served in executive leadership roles in companies such as Asian Banking Corp., Korea Rental Corp., Voicetech, Inc./Scigenic Corp. and KSIC, with specialties in international financing, short-term financing, leasing, strategic planning and financial processing.


Mr. Paik is a resident of Gangnam and serves as Pride Girls Soccer's’ liaison to large corporations in Pride's quest to find corporate sponsorship to help us grow Pride Girls Soccer and girls soccer in general across Korea and around the world in every country and region where girls don't have equal opportunity with boys to play soccer and learn its valuable life lessons.

Booster Club Director

Mrs. Heeyoung Yoon


Heeyoung is responsible for any and all issues related to the promotion of Pride Girls Soccer, in order to grow Pride, as well as the coordination of Pride events, from travel soccer games, to watching pro-games together, to educational experiences for our girls.  Heeyoung is the mother of Pride Cub "Charlotte"

Field Registration Manager

Mr. Tae Sang Cho

Field registration and the relationship between Pride Girls Soccer is managed by Mr. Tae Sang Cho, a long-time Pride parent, and father of Katie.