Become a Pride Girls Soccer Paid Professional Coach


Pride Girls Soccer hires experienced professional soccer coaches who love sharing the game of girls soccer, and want to help level the playing field for female athletes.  If you are an experienced soccer coach in the Incheon/Songdo area and interested in coaching Pride Girls Soccer this is how:


1) Read our Website very carefully and take time to understand our philosophy and program.  Pride Girls Soccer is "not about soccer - it's about what our girls get out of soccer" and if you don't understand, embrace, and are ready to help us take that concept to the next level it doesn't matter to us how great of a skills or game coach you are.

​2) Apply to be a Pride Professional Coach.

3) If we like what we see we will email or call you and ask for your resume and proof of work eligibility in Korea.  

4) Having reviewed your resume, our Board may contact you for a formal interview or to visit a practice to see our program first hand, and help out as as Assistant Coach for the day.  This will be paid session at a pre-negotiated hourly rate.​

*Pride pays coaches per 2 hour session at competitive hourly rates, and once hired pays coaches two lump-sum payments per season at the beginning and close of the season.

Volunteer Coach

If you are interested in coaching Pride Girls Soccer, but do not have the proper work Visa it may be possible to become a Volunteer Coach of Pride Girls Soccer and help improve your resume, and share your love of the game.  Please follow the instructions above and Apply to be a Pride Coach.

Become an Official Pride Parent/Coach

​Official Parent Coaches are parents who have soccer coaching experience, or are looking to gain it through coaching at Pride Girls Soccer while spending quality time with their Pride Member daughter on the field.  Official Parent Coaches are expected to commit to coaching at least 50% of all practices over the course of the season, as well as helping any games or tournaments in which Pride is participating and help is needed. 


In return a 50% discount on the season's Registration Fees is offered in exchange for your services to Pride as an Official Parent Coach. 


These positions are very limited (usually only 1 or 2 per season).  

Apply to be an Official Pride Parent Coach.


Become a Volunteer Pride Parent/Coach

If you are interested in coaching Pride as a Coach, Assistant Coach, or if you simply want to help out on the field (time keeper, photographer, videographer; or ensuring the girls stay hydrated, offering first aid for scraped knees, etc.), but can only do so on an occasional basis we welcome you become a Volunteer Coach on an as-needed/as-available basis. 

Apply to be an Official Pride Parent Coach.


Become a Student Coach and/or Intern

Pride is a mentorship program, and we welcome students to apply to become a Pride Student Coach.  

Middle School and High School students are welcome to apply to become volunteer coaches, or interns and can receive service learning credits with participating schools.

College students may apply to be a paid assistant coach, to work for Pride and an Intern, or a combination of the two, depending on their college's policy on the matter.

Apply to be a Pride Student Coach.


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