Winter Season Registration

(Pricing is at the Bottom of the Page)


Practice Schedule:  Sundays from 4-6PM

at Chadwick International School in the Main Gym

Practice Schedule

January: 12, 19

February: 2, 9, 16, 23

March: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

Apr: 5

 *(X) No practice January 26th  Sola (Lunar New Year) Holiday

All girls 4-16 years old (international age) from all schools (public, private and home-schooled) are welcome!

Soccer experience is not necessary.  Come learn soccer and learn English.  Have fun.  And make new friends!

I, the parent / guardian of the registrant, a minor, agree that the registrant and I will abide by the rules (for PLAYERS and for PARENTS) of the Pride Girls Soccer.

I recognize the possibility of physical injury associated with playing soccer and I hereby release, discharge and/or otherwise indemnify Pride Girls Soccer Clinics, its owners, coaches, staff, affiliate organizations and sponsors, their employees and associated personnel, including the owners of the fields and facilities used for the programs, against any claims by or on behalf of the registrants as a result of the registrant’s participation in the programs. I understand that I am agreeing to not request any compensation, financial or otherwise if I, my friends, family members or my player is injured physically or emotionally. I understand that soccer is a contact sport and sometimes people are injured physically or get a bruised ego. I am solely responsible for any medical care that my child may require as a result of playing soccer. 

I authorize use of player photos on the league’s website or in newspapers for the purpose of promoting Pride Girls Soccer and girls soccer around the world. I understand that there is no compensation for the use of these photos.

I hereby release, hold harmless and forever discharge  Pride Girls Soccer, its coaches, Board Members , volunteers, John Patrick Starling, and all Pride Girls Soccer players and their family members, the owners, employees, agents and representatives, including any host facilities of the above referenced entity from all claims, causes of action, liability or demands of any kind which my child, or I personally may have now or in the future related to any injury to person or property, or death, in connection with my or my child’s participation Pride Girls Soccer practices, games, travel  or other activities.  I assume the risk of traveling to and from the site of the activity.

포기 / 양도 서식

나는, 등록한 미성년자의 부모/보호사로서, 등록자와 나는 우수 축구 캠프 아카데미, 그리고 그와 관련된 단체 및 스폰서들의 규칙에 따를 것을 동의합니다. 

우수 축구 캠프 아카데미가 축구 프로그램 및 활동을 위해 등록자를 받아들이면서, 선수들이 축구와 관련한 신체적인 부상이 있을 수 있다는 것을 감안하여, 나는 이 서식을 통해, 우수 축구 캠프 아카데미 및 모든 위원들, 감독, 관련자들 및 기관들과 스폰서들, 그들의 직원들 및 관련된 인사들, 또한 이 프로그램을 위해 사용되는 축구장 및 시설들의 소유자들을 포함해서, 등록자가 프로그램에 참여하면서 발생하는 일들로 인해 그 등록자 대신에 또는 그 등록자에 의한 그 어떤 법적 요구에 대해서도 책임을 지우지 않을 것을, 그렇지 않을 경우는 배상할 것을, 서약합니다. 나는 선수들의 사진이 이번 리그의 웹 사이트나 또는 신문에 사용되는 것을 허락합니다.

By Registering my child for Pride Girls Soccer, I hereby agree to the above  Waiver and to abide by Pride Girls Soccer's Policies and Parent Behavior  Rules.

By clicking SUBMIT I understand that my girl is Registered for this season and  I agree make payment within 3 days and to the terms of the Player/Parent Waiver and all of Pride Girls Soccer policies and guidelines.

Uniform for new members is included in the Registration Fee, compliments of our Sponsor






Winter Season Pricing Payment Process

Calculate Your Winter Season Registration Fees and apply any Discounts

STEP 1:  Start with the Season Fees


Pride Girls Soccer Winter 2019 Season Fees


Girls 8-12 Years Old International Age

Pride 10 Practices (4-6 PM) for girls 8-12 years old (International age)

Season Price is 400,000 KRW (VAT Included)

Price includes 10 practice sessions, & Pride Girls Soccer uniform for new players

Pride Girls Soccer "Cubs" Winter 2019 Season Fees


Girls 4-7 Years Old International Age

Pride "Cubs"   10 Practices (4-5 PM) for girls 4-7 years old (International age)

Fall 2018 Cubs Season is 200,000 KRW (VAT Included)

Price includes 10 practice sessions, & Pride Girls Soccer uniform for new players


STEP 2: Add up all eligible Discounts and subtract them from the subtotal 

Discount Programs

(Sibling Discounts, "Tell a Friend" Discounts)

Discount Examples:



-10% TELL A FRIEND DISCOUNT for your girl's friend Registering into Pride via "TELL A FRIEND" DISCOUNT PROGRAM 

*Be sure to name the girl  (in the Registration Form Above) who Registered, because of your recommendation.


Step 3: Transfer the "Total Amount Due" to the Bank Account Below within 3 Business Days of Registration

VAT is Included in Pricing


Bank Transfer Information

BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: 110-435-787857
BANK NAME: Shinhan Bank
BANK ACCOUNT NAME: Starling John Patrick

 프라이드 소녀 축구 



송금시 유의사항:

송금시 반드시 입금통장 표시 내역에 아이의 이름이 명시되도록 보내주십시오. (신청서에 기재한 이름과 동일해야 합니다.)

Refund Policy:  By clicking SUMBIT your girl is officially Registered into this season of Pride Girls Soccer.  Pride Girls Soccer's Refund Policy is NO REFUNDS FOR ANY REASON; however if your girl must quit during the season you may assign your girls Registration to another girl (friend or family member) who is within Pride's age range (4-12 years old international age).  This Player Registration Substitution is only permitted one (1) time per season.

사업자번호(Business Registration Number): 539-09-00272