Pride Girls Soccer occasionally takes trips around Incheon and Korea related to soccer.  We take the girls to women’s professional soccer games (typically to see the Red Angels at Namdong Sports Complex) and also to local restaurants to watch televised soccer games.


We take these trips to help the girls learn the game, appreciate soccer culture and to bond with each other and have fun off the field.


The cost of these trips is in addition to any Pride player registration or season fees.  Typically the cost for a trip ranges from 15,000 to 30,000 KRW per person and covers transportation and food. The costs for special events and trips are paid directly from the parents to the event, transportation carrier, etc.  Any and all coordination of transportation for a special event is done through the P.A.C. (Parent Action Committee).


Parents, siblings and friends of the players are welcome and while we are traveling with your child you can stay in touch with us by using the phone app “Band”.