The Pride Pages… (Summer)
End of Season Awards Dinner
This Sunday, May 4th is the official end of the Spring Season.  We will practice at our regular time (4 PM) and host the Euro Cup Rematch in order to assess the progress of the girls, their team work and our coaching abilities.
After the games we will divide the field into two halves: a picnic area (so bring food, drinks, blankets, chairs, etc.) and a play area with our small goals set up, so the girls and families can play together.
We have the field reserved until 8 PM, but feel free to leave after the awards.
Parent Action Committee 
One year after helping us found Pride Girls Soccer, Mrs. Annie Ham has graciously stepped down from her role as the founding P.A.C. (Parent Action Committee) Leader.  Annie has a knack for getting projects off the ground and her job with Pride is done.  And done well!  We literally would not be playing girls soccer in Songdo without her enthusiasm and determination.  Annie will remain connected to Pride and has availed herself to occasionally help out with parent initiatives.
We are proud to announce that Mrs. Harim “Irene” Cha has accepted our offer to be the new P.A.C. Leader.  You can learn more about Irene and read a special message from her by clicking here.

As someone who has advised companies and organizations for almost 20 years, I must say that I’m very pleased with this effortless transition.  People have different personalities, styles and strengths as they relate to the growth of an organization.  Annie has always seemed to me an entrepreneur - a starter - and we’re through that initial start-up phase.  We’re playing girls soccer!  Irene seems to me much more of an operator, someone who will steadily guide the group, building consensus and achieving our goals with intention and determination - and I believe that’s what we need now and for the foreseeable future.
Extended Season 
Pride Girls Soccer Club is offering to extend our current season. 
If we have enough girls (15 is our minimum number to continue this season), we will continue on for 8 more sessions: Beginning on June 9th and ending on July 2 (Fridays and Sunday).
Registration Opens beginning Sunday night (after the end of season Awards Dinner).
The cost is: 160,000 KRW and covers all 8 Sessions “All Pass” (Fridays and Sundays) and the coaching fees for any potential Friendlies, Jamborees or Tournaments. 
Practice Dates are:  June 9/11/16/18/23/25/30 and July 2 *
*Girls are not required  to attend both days, but have the option to
We are working to schedule a Friendly game with the Red Angels during the Extended Season, but cannot promise that, as we only manage our end of the scheduling.
All Seasons are now “All Pass”
For several reasons Pride Girls Soccer is moving to an All Pass system, whereby families pay 1 price and can attend practice on any day that it is offered, as well as Jamborees, Friendlies and Tournaments.  Our reasons include, but are not limited to:
-Ease of administration and tracking
-The fact that we often find ourselves needing to offer extra days to single day parents (in order to prepare for tournaments, etc.)
-We want girls to have more opportunities to play!
Red Angels Professional Soccer Match
The 2017 WK League Champion Incheon Hyundai Red Angels Women’s professional team plays on June 12th at 7pm  at Namdong Stadium.
See you there!
Summer Soccer Camp
We will offer 2 weeks of Summer Soccer Camp this Summer in the month of August. 
The focus of the camps will be building basic soccer skills, team work, set plays (throw-ins, free kicks, direct kicks and corner kicks) and communication.  World Cup style play will happen at the end of each day and results will be tracked throughout the week. Each girl will receive a camp t-shirt.
Week 1: Aug 7-11  (9AM-12PM Monday-Friday)         375,000 KRW
Week 2: Aug 14-18  (9AM-12PM Monday- Friday)      375,000 KRW
[Discount of 20% (150,000 KRW) for girls registering for both weeks]
-Our minimum number of girls per week is 15 in order to host the camp
-These camps are currently limited to 30 girls per week!  And we will be advertising in Songdo, so please register your girl right away in order to reserve her spot in Summer Soccer Camp
-Because of the heat and the fact that this is a 3 hour daily camp girls must be at least 8 years old (international age) in order to be dropped off.  Girls under 8 are welcome, but must have a parent present during the camp.

Spring Newsletter

The Pride Chronicle Herald Tribune
Save the Date: May 20th Tournament at Chadwick International!!!
Details to be announced!

Coaching “Coalition” Forms to Promote Daddy and Mommy Involvement on
the Field

Mr. Matthew Gim (Joanna’s dad) has taken the field as a coach and taken the
initiative to help get more parents involved on the field and on the sidelines.
As you know a “Pride” is a group of (mainly) female lions. A “Coalition” is a
group of (mainly) male lions.

Welcome, Coalition Leader “Coach Matthew”!!! Grrrrrrr!

We want parents involved in the program. It’s a signal to the girls that they

Here are some ways you can get involved:

  • be the official time keeper for a game

  • be the official score keeper for a game

  • be a “sub-coach” sending on and off substitutes ensuring equitable
    playing time

  • be a “sideline coach” helping the girls on the
    sideline understand what’s happening on the field

  • attend to injured girls (minor scrapes and cuts)
    whose parents aren’t there

  • shag balls! Stand behind the goals or on the sidelines and
    retrieve balls that go out of bounds

  • and if you know the game volunteer to coach or referee!

As you can see, there’s actually quite a lot to do in order to keep the practices and
games moving and maximize the girls playing time and most of it doesn’t require
much knowledge of soccer. Even something as simple as shagging balls keeps the
action moving. We want every second on that field dedicated to learning the game
and the life lessons it teaches, as opposed to chasing balls out of bounds.
We suspect that many parents will want to help out on the field. It certainly looks
that way, so work with Coach Matthew Gim and each other and rotate turns/
positions amongst yourselves, so everyone who wants to gets the chance to be on
the field with their girl(s).

And of course, if you don’t want to help out in the ways listed above that’s fine. No
pressure - just an opportunity.

The main job of parent is to cheer your girls from the sideline - and never criticize
your girl or another for their play or on-field behavior - that’s our job as coaches ;)
Seriously, we are considering forming a travel team (Pride F.C.) If we do, that’s
where it gets competitive… for now just encourage them and let them enjoy
themselves. Celebrate their wins, console them on their losses and help them
quickly put either one behind them and get back on the field to the game they love.
And remember: failure is the greatest teacher. So it’s OK to fail. Failure is good.
It builds character.

First Former Pride Player Becomes Coach
Approaching her 12th birthday, former Pride
Player Emily Starling (pictured scoring) has
become a coach and referee with Pride Girls
Emily began playing soccer at 4 years old in
the Charles Village Recreation League and
blossomed at Chadwick International, quickly
becoming the team’s #1 scorer while in the
Village School (averaging 55% of team goals in her final year of play).
This year as a middle schooler she moved to midfield putting her excellent field
vision to work distributing the ball beautifully and still finding the back of the net
many times. Her season ended early with a broken arm (fouled while shooting in
full stride off the left foot), but she continued to coach Pride even with her arm in a
full cast.

Pride is more than just a soccer club, it’s a girl to girl (wo)mentorship program and
Emily has been an excellent example for girls to aspire to. We are proud to have
her on our coaching staff.

Former Women’s National Team Member to Guest Coach Pride

Former Korea National Team Member (who also played
for 2 pro teams, including our beloved Red Angels) Ms.
Jinhee Kim will be guest coaching the Pride on March
17th, 19th, 24th and 26th.

Jinhee was voted Korea’s best soccer player 5 times and
played in the 2003 World Cup, scoring the first ever goal
for the women’s national team in a World Cup.
We look forward to learning from her both as players and
coaches and frankly speaking, I look forward to coaching
against her in some friendlies this Spring against the Red
Angels ;)

Winter Soccer Camp and End of Season Awards Dinner a Big Success!
Sunday, March 5th was the last day of Pride Winter Camp. The girls had a great
time over the winter. They totally lived out our “skills and thrills” soccer coaching
philosophy. They worked hard on their basic soccer skills and the games were the
hottest ticket in Incheon - some absolutely thrilling games! Every game of the
season was either a tie or won by a single point and in one case a team even came
back from 0-2 to win the game 3-2. Wow! That’s just good soccer!!!
At the End of Season Awards Dinner we all go to know each other a little better,
spending some time eating and talking and most importantly listening to the girls
talk about what they are most proud of. For most of them it came down to simply
being on the field. That they belong. That they can play soccer. Everyone one of
those girls was truly amazing and lucky us to be in their lives.

Congratulations to:
Natalie - Lion Heart Award
Sohyun - (wo)Mentorship Award
Soho - Most Improved Player Award

Grrrrrreat job girls!
*Pictures are on Pride Band

Spring Season kicks off and Registration is still Open!
We appreciate everyone registering and paying on time, as it helps us with
planning practices and friendlies - and it reserves your child’s spot in Pride, as we
have a firm cap on the number of girls that can join this Spring..
Registration will remain open throughout the season (with prorated pricing) as long
as we feel we can adequately staff the field. We are at 23 girls now and we will not
take more than 50 this season under any circumstances. Please continue to tell
your friends and “Share the Pride”

Pride needs your help: “The Public School Push”
Pride welcomes girls from all schools (public, international, home schooled and
hogwons) and we are making a concerted effort to reach out to area public schools
- and we need your help!

Coach Donovan has reached out to the administration of several public elementary
schools to offer a free girls-only soccer clinic hosted at their school in order to get
girls interested in soccer and bring the idea into possibility for them.
We are looking for Pride parents from each of the area public schools to support
Coach Donovan in this effort. We can do the demonstrations, but in order to make
that happen we need parent advocates whose children go to those schools to work
with Coach Donovan in contacting the school administrators.
Please contact coach Donovan if you’re interested in helping us expose more girls
from the local schools to soccer.

Pride is looking for “Cubs” for the Fall
In most countries where girls soccer is
popular girls begin playing at 4 years old.
For safety reasons 4-6 year olds play on
their own field (not with the older girls).
We envision hosting two Pride Cubs Clinics (mini-seasons as introductions to
soccer) in the Fall and are looking to build a list of interested families.
If you know of a family with girls 4-6 years old who would like to expose their
girls to soccer, please have them contact us through the Website and we will alert
them when the clinics begin.
We will only offer these “Cubs Clinics” if there is a sufficient number of
participants so we’d like to start building that list now.

Pride F.C. is in the works
The KWFF ( hosts 5 competitive tournaments per year for girls
in our age groups and we are considering building a U10 (2007, 2008, etc. birth
year) Travel Team: Pride F.C. (Pride Football Club)
Pride F.C. would be coached by a licensed soccer coach (C license is required) and
would be a competitive team drawn from the ranks of the Pride and hand picked by
the coaching staff. We envision 2-3 extra practices (with the F.C. Coach) in the
weeks leading up to any KWFF tournament, otherwise F.C. players would just
participate in Pride as normal.
Any F.C. fees (tournament entry, coaching fees, transportation, etc.) would be paid
directly by the parents to the coach - not Pride. Pride Girls Soccer, Inc. would not
make any money from this initiative, nor carry any liability (there would be a
separate waiver).

Essentially, if there is interest we (Donovan and I) will work with a group of
committed parents to launch Pride F.C. and then step back to just running Pride
Girls Soccer Club, but direct some girls who are interested and we believe possess
the skills to play club-level soccer to work with the F.C. coach and represent the
Pride as the travel team. This would be a parent-lead initiative with team member
discretion and final team selection left to the coaching staff.
The team would compete under Pride’s name, with the designation “F.C.” (Football
Club) and wear our standard white Pride uniforms (on order now) - so it would not
be necessary to buy an extra uniform.
If you are interested in being part of a parent/coach partnership to get our girls
playing in the KWFF, please contact Coach John and he will schedule a meeting of
interested parents as soon as there are enough to field a team.
Share the Pride! (Tell a Friend Program)
Please continue to “Share the Pride”. Remember that when you recommend Pride
to a family, and that family visits Pride that you let Coach Donovan know that they
came from you. Every person that you recommend who joins (Registered and
Paid) Pride gives you a 10% discount on your season fees for next season.
Go Pride!
~The Coaches and Board