Questions Parents Sometimes Ask
Can my girl play Soccer?
What is the age level for Pride Girls Soccer"
Girls from 4 years old to 14 years old (International age) are welcome to play.
What if she never played soccer before?
No problem.  Many of our girls are very new to soccer and the coaches are very patient with the girls.
What if it is the same day as her English Hogwon?
We teach soccer in English (with basic Korean as a back up language, if necessary).  We want girls to receive classroom instruction in English, but we also believe that playing organized sports gives girls a competitive edge in life.  If possible she should do both.  If she only has time for one (English hogwon or soccer) PLAY SOCCER.  Why?  Because at Pride Girls Soccer she will get to play soccer, which develops emotional strength - and she learn real world English, but at Hogwon she will only learn English.
What are the benefits of girls playing soccer?
The fact is that girls who play competitive organized team sports are more successful than their peers that do not.  We recommend reading these articles from the world renown Forbes magazine to learn more.
Is soccer safe for girls?
Soccer is a contact sport and occasionally girls get hurt (minor issues similar to what they would experience on the playground at home), but serious injuries are very rare in girls youth soccer.
What equipment does she need?
We play on a turf field, so we recommend turf shoes.  Turf shoes are soccer shoes that have small tread on them, but are not full cleats.  If the field is very wet, cleats are helpful but not necessary.  Also, for a dry field standard athletic shoes, like worn in PE class at school are fine.  The main advantage of turf soccer shoes is the traction and the surface area of the shoe giving a very natural (sort of barefoot) feel on the ball, which gives the player more control of the ball.
Shin guards-
In practice all girls are encouraged to wear shin guards, but they are not mandatory, but when we play games, jamborees and tournaments against other teams the Referee will insist that every player wear shin guards, as it is part of the Laws of Soccer.
Uniform (for Spring and Fall Seasons, but not Winter Indoor Season)- 
For practices girls may wear any type of athletic waer in which they are comfortable, but for games, jamborees and tournaments against other teams players should wear their Pride uniforms.  If a player does not yet have her Pride uniform, please wear white shorts, a plain white t-shirt and white socks that cover the shin guards.
Tall socks that reach the knee and cover the shin guards completely must be worn in any game, jamboree or tournament when we are playing against other teams.  The Referee will demand this, as it is part of the Laws of the Game.
Does she need a uniform?
Yes.  Uniforms can be purchased at the beginning of each season as part of the Registration process.  Uniforms are required for Spring and Fall Seasons, but not Winter Indoor Season.
Can I stay and watch practice?
Yes!  We encourage parents and grandparents to stay and watch practice!   Please stay and cheer your girls on, just always follow the Parent Behavior Guidelines.  If you cannot stay, that's OK.  Just make sure that your contact information is up to date.
Can I participate in practice or help out?
If you are interested in participating, please contact the Parent Coalition President for helping out on the field at practices or games or the Parent Action Committee President to find other ways to support the team.
Does she have to play in tournaments?
Participation in tournaments is optional, but strongly encouraged.  Our girls report that some of their best memories are of playing in friendlies, jamborees and tournaments and testing their abilities against other teams, while bonding with their teammates.
Are tournaments always against girls teams?
Most of the time, but not always.  We prefer to play against girls teams, but occasionally we are invited to play in tournaments against boys and we do this on a case by case basis.  Typically, when we are invited to play against boys we play against boys who are 1 year younger than our girls.  So far we have faired very well in our tournaments against both boys and girls.
How do prices compare to boys soccer programs?
We have price parity with area boys programs.  We believe it is important that parents are willing to invest equally in the sports/English education of their boys and girls.
Why is there no soccer bus to pick her up?
Pride Girls Soccer teaches in English, but we are not a hogwon and though it's OK to drop you kids off at soccer and take care of your business, we are working hard to build a very strong, supportive parent culture.  Driving your children to soccer practice, picking them up and being with them through good times and bad is fundamental to their development and not something that we think should be outsourced to a bus driver.
Can she bring a friend?
Absolutely.  Please give us advanced notice, as depending on what's going n that day her family may be required to sign a Waiver.  Her friend's first practice with Pride is FREE!
And if her friend joins Pride Girls Soccer your family will receive a 10% discount on your girl's season Registration Fees the following season.
Is there a sibling discount?
Yes!  Siblings now receive a 20% discount on the 2nd child for season Registration Fees.  Uniforms and equipment are still purchased at the regular prices.
What is the refund policy if she quits?
Pride Girls Soccer does not offer any Refunds.  Once the Registration form is submitted you are fully expected to pay for the entire season; however if your girls decides that she does not want to continue to play you may Gift your girls season Registration to another girls by written permission (email correspondence) of Pride Girls Soccer's ownership or a Pride Board Member in good standing.  In this instance the replacement player will be required to fill out the Registration and Waiver online and to purchase a team uniform.
How about bad air and bad weather days?
When weather conditions or air quality are poor or determined to be potentially dangerous, the Head Coach or Owner of Pride Girls Soccer will communicate via Kakao Group and/or Pride Band that practice is Postponed or Cancelled.  Make up practices for practices that have been Cancelled may be rescheduled at the discretion of the Head Coach and/or the Owner of Pride.  We make our best effort to give families maximum value for their hard-earned money and we want the girls to have many practices as possible, but we cannot control the weather or air quality and must always do what is in the best interest of the children.  There maybe times when we must cancel practice due to bad weather or bad air.  If it is possible, we will schedule a make up day.  If your girls attends just once per week, then have her attend on another day as a make up.  Please consider that there are times, aside from practices, where Pride is creating value for your player; like coaching or coordinating tournaments and friendlies, organizing trips to see pro soccer games, etc. and that time is just as valuable and necessary as practice times.  So, we believe that everything balances out at the end of each.  For example, we might miss 2 practices due to weather, but get the girls into a friendly, jamboree or tournament (and Pride pays the coaching staff to coach these events) - or take them to a pro game, which our coaches do as volunteers.   If at any point you believe things not to have come out fairly, please bring your concerns to the P.A.C. President and that information will be brought to the Board and Owner.
Why are boys not allowed?
There are many boys soccer programs in the area and we encourage families with boys to enroll their boys into these programs, but Pride Girls Soccer is only for girls.  It is an environment where they can learn and love the game among only other girls, being mentored and coached by other girls and women and supported by their mothers, fathers and brothers.  We encourage brothers to come to practices and games and cheer for their sisters!
I love Pride Girls Soccer.  How can I help spread the word?
Please use Korean and foreign social media to share pictures and information about Pride and if you have friends in the press, please contact them and tell them about Pride Girls Soccer.  We are out to change the world and we need your help, your enthusiasm and your network!