Freqeuntly Asked Questions by Players

How old do I have to be to play?
Pride Girls Soccer players can start as young as 4 years old (International age) and can play with Pride until they are 14 years old (International Age).
I've never played soccer before.  Is that okay?
-Yes!  New players are welcome at Pride.  Girls soccer is very new to Korea, so even out most experienced girls have been playing for less than 2 years.  And our players love to help new players learn the basic skills of soccer.  There is a reason soccer is the most popular sport in the world - it's fun and easy to learn!
I don't know the rules of the game.  How will I learn them?
-The rules of soccer are very simple and the Pride Coaches are very patient teachers.  Don't worry.  We will teach you and be patient with you as you learn the rules.
My English is not very good.  Is that okay?
-Yes.  It's ok!  We teach in English so you can learn real English - but we also speak basic Korean and have parents on the sidelines who are totally bilingual in case there is something you don't understand.  Playing Pride Soccer will help you improve your English, no matter what your current English level.
Will I get hurt?
-Soccer is a contact sport, so sometimes players get knocked down or scrape knee - the kind of minor things that might normally happen on the playground.  There is a difference between "hurt" (a scraped elbow or sore knee) and "injured" (a broken arm or sprained neck).  It is not uncommon to get hurt playing soccer, but serious injuries in youth soccer are very rare.
What if I don't know any of the other players?
Pride is like a family of girl soccer players.  Everyone is excited to play and to grow girls soccer and every girl is welcome.  We know that sometimes at school there are cliques and peer pressure and sometimes girls are excluded by other girls, but at Pride we are all one team.  One "Pride" of young lionesses who support each other no matter what.  You will make friends through Pride that you might not have met otherwise, since the girls go to many different schools - and because you go through so much together (practices, games, winning, losing, etc.) these friendships may last a lifetime.
Can my parents stay for practice?
Yes!  We encourage parents to stay at practice if they or you want them to.  We love family involvement.  They can be there to cheer for you and support you while you play.  And sometimes mothers and fathers even get on the field and kick a ball with the girls!
Do I have to compete in tournaments?
No.  But we highly recommend it.  Our girls tell us that some of their favorite memories are of playing against other teams and testing their skills in real games and tournaments.  When we play together against other teams we really bond together.  We win together.  We lose together.  But we always stick together!
What should I wear?
Always dress for the season.  In the summer stay cool.  In the winter dress in multiple layers, so as your body heats up you can take off layers - but put them back on between games.
We  play on a turf field, so we recommend turf shoes (soccer shoes with very small tread that grip the field).  If conditions are very slippery you should wear cleats if you have them.  If you only have basic athletic shoes that is fine too.  
We always recommend that girls wear shin guards.
Do not wear earrings on the soccer field.  If they catch on a players uniform it could damage your ear lobe.
If you wear glasses you should prescription wear sports goggles.
Early in each season we order uniforms and you can order one at that time and you are welcome to wear it to practice and even to school.  You must wear it when we pay games against other teams.