The Songdo 7s Soccer Tournament November 3rd & 4th

Pride Girls Soccer has again been invited play in the Songdo7s Soccer Tournament, the biggest international soccer tournament in Korea.
Pride will play other girls teams &we will attempt to field 3 teams:
"Cubs" Team Kindergarten - 1st Grade*
5v5 Games with a minimum 5 players, and a maximum of 10 on the team
Pride Grade 1-3 Team:
7v7 Games with a minimum 7 players and a maximum of 12 on the team
Pride Grade 4-5 Team:
7v7 Games with a minimum 7 players and a maximum of 12 on the team
*We are not yet sure how many teams will be allowed to participate from Pride, and the exact age groups.  Currently, Chadwick is allowing us to field only 1 team (Grade 1-3) and Head Coach is speaking with them to see if we can field a Cubs team and a G4/G5 team, too.  Standby for an announcement and in the meantime APPLY BELOW, incase we do field a team of that age group.
Date: Saturday, Nov. 3rd AND Sunday, Nov. 4th
Location: Chadwick International School
Arrival/Game Schedule:  To Be Announced
Parking:  Carpool if possible, or walk/ride bicycles.  You can park on campus, but parking is limited
What to wear:
-New Pride Girls Soccer Uniform 
   -New uniform or old is OK
   -or a plain white t-shirt if no uniform
   - try to borrow from another player if you don't have a uniform)
-Shinguards are REQUIRED!
-Soccer Shoes (turf shoes are best, athletic shoes are OK, cleats are not necessary)
-White knee soccer socks  
Every girl who is Applying to play must Register by October 1st, and Pride can only field our teams if there are enough girls Registered! 
So Apply Now! 
Important: Each team is limited to 12 Players!

The application form below is just that: an Application to participate in the Tournament. - and it must be Approved by the Head Coach and the Owner of Pride Girls Soccer.   Each team that Pride is allowed to enter into the tournament is limited to only 12 players that are able to participate.  The spots on each of our Songdo7s Tournament teams must be earned.  Players must apply below on or before October 1st and the final teams will be announced in advance of the Tournament.


By Registering for Songdo 7s I agree that if my girl is selected to play for Pride that I will have my girl at the location on time, and available to play each game for both days of the tournament, and to obey all rules of the tournament and abide by the Pride Parent Behavior Guidelines and Policies

Thank you! The Coaches