Pride Girls Soccer Wall of Fame



Each season stand-out players are recognized by the coaching staff for their character on the field in the following areas:
Most Improved Player Award-
The Most Improved Player Award is earned by a Pride player who has shown the most improvement over the course of the season.  Often this award is given to a girl who has increased her soccer skills, but just as often it it earned through improvement in and around on-field behavior, increased focus and ability to follow directions, increased sportsmanship, participation and the like.
Lion Heart Award Award-
The Lion Heart Award is earned by a player who has shown grit and determination and a repeatedly indomitable spirit in the face of setbacks, like getting hurt, inured or suffering mental or emotional setbacks related to the game and overcoming them.  Soccer helps build physical and emotional strength and this  award is earned by girls who have shown great growth through bravery on the field.
Good Character Award [Formerly the(Wo)mentorship Award]-
The (Wo)mentorship Award  is earned by a player who has shown exceptional leadership on and off the field, helping out younger and/or less experienced players to learn the game and the valuable life-lessons it has to offer.


Passing Award


The Passing Award is earned by the player who is selfless on and off the field.  Soccer is a team sport and it requires a selfless attitude, placing the needs of the team over individual glory.  Pride Girls Soccer appreciates players who focus on heads-up play, great field vision and distributing the ball well.


Award Winners
Fall Outdoor Season 2016

Most Improved Player Award- Allie Hill
Lion Heart Award - Joanna Gim
(Wo)Mentorship Award - Jisoo Kim


Winter Outdoor Season 2016
Most Improved Player Award- Jimin Ryu
Lion Heart Award - Yuha Kim
(Wo)Mentorship Award - Emily Starling


Winter Indoor Season 2016
Most Improved Player Award- Soho Kim
Lion Heart Award - Natalie Lee
(Wo)Mentorship Award - Sohyun “Debok” Park


Spring Outdoor Season 2017


Most Improved Player Award -

Lion Heart Award -

Good Charater Award - Flo

Passing Award - 

Fall Outdoor Season 2017

Most Improved Player Award- Katie

Lion Heart Award- Melody

Character Award- Joanna Gim

Passing Award- Clara